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Shae Phillips
Enrolling in the Gold Standard Course, I discovered more than just a course; it was a supportive sanctuary for my intellectual growth. Ela and her responsiveness crafted an environment where questions weren't merely answered but celebrated. It felt like having a mentor at my fingertips, guiding me through challenges and applauding every breakthrough. This level of support not only enhanced the learning experience but also fostered a sense of belonging to a community invested in my success. This course is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about being part of a nurturing ecosystem that champions each learner's unique journey. I felt very confident opening my business immediately after the course and have never looked back.
Owner / Flowtherapy
Kyah Seary
I did the Advanced course in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy and was most impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that was presented. What I enjoyed most about the course content was that it is extremely relevant to the job, and the clinical hands-on exercises to translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills where absolutely amazing. Ela who has lots of industry experience, bridges the gap between theory and application. This approach makes the learning experience engaging and fosters a deep appreciation for the immediate applicability of acquired knowledge. This Course is not just about extending knowledge; it's about acquiring the tools needed to navigate and excel in the practical landscape of our chosen field. Highly recommended for those seeking a return on investment in the form of directly applicable skills.
Owner / Bayside Colonics and Happy Bum Co
Zhenya Gerson
The Advanced course in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy feels like a contemporary renaissance for the modern mind. It goes beyond being a mere course; it's a diverse exploration of topics ranging from the art to the science of colon hydrotherapy. The harmonious blend of subjects helped make learning easy. Participating in this course is a truly enlightening experience, akin to rediscovering the interconnectedness of various disciplines. It's an invitation to embrace a holistic approach to learning, fostering a spirit that transcends traditional educational boundaries. I highly recommend this course to any practitioner.
Zhenya Gerson Coaching
Anne Bennett
Despite my knowledge as a registered nurse, immersing myself in the Gold Standard Course felt like tumbling down the rabbit hole into a virtual wonderland of brilliance. The course seamlessly blended engaging multimedia, interactive forums, and live sessions to create an engaging atmosphere for learning. It was as if I were Alice, discovering a new dimension of knowledge with each click. The immersive nature of the experience not only made learning dynamic but also sparked a sense of curiosity akin to exploring uncharted territories. I left the course inspired to never stop learning.
Katarina Coombes
This course is set out so well and so thorough and transcends the conventional classroom experience; it's a compassionate journey of shared learning. Beyond facts and figures, this course fosters an atmosphere of understanding and growth. The emphasis on community, coupled with insightful content, creates a nurturing space where learners support each other. A heartfelt thank you to Ela for cultivating an environment that goes beyond imparting knowledge – it's about fostering a genuine sense of connection and collaboration. Enrolling in this course is not just an educational decision; it's an investment in a compassionate and supportive learning community.
Sarah Grey
As I decided late in life to attempt a change of career that I love to do even after retirement, I was very much overloaded with the knowledge that was presented in the course. I’m also not very technical and had to learn how to attend the online sessions and write case studies. So, it was not easy for me, I’m glad I persisted and successfully finished the course. The materials where all presented in a clear format and the practicals where immensely helpful – even so it took me a while to get the hang of it. Ela is a very patient teacher with lots of insights. I found immediate employment and can’t speak highly enough of the generous support I received even after I finished the course.
Cathy Roumeolitis
The Gold standard is a breath of fresh air in the cluttered landscape of colonic courses. It transcends the noise with a minimalist approach—no fluff, no filler, just pure, distilled knowledge. Each lesson felt like a carefully crafted gem, making the learning process both efficient and enjoyable. The emphasis on clarity and conciseness not only streamlined the educational journey but also allowed for a more profound understanding of the subject matter. For those who appreciate substance over style, Vitalis Training is a delightful revelation in the world of education.
Olivia Ward
The Gold standard in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy was a very in-depth educational journey. It really covered everything and more that I could have imagined. The materials were presented in a very organised manner, nothing in the course was superfluous it was just perfectly balanced. The communication with Ela was fantastic and she was very accessible all through the course and even after. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who is serious about this profession.
Deena Goold
Embarking on the Gold Standard course felt a bit overwhelming with the uncharted realm of knowledge for me. The course material guided me through a labyrinth of concepts. Each module unfolded like a new chapter in an epic saga. But thanks to Ela’s blending of theoretical foundations with practical applications I was able to breathe through it. The interactive elements, like discussion forums, added a social dimension, creating a fellowship of learners navigating these new territories together. In conclusion, ‘The Gold Standard’ is more than an educational program; it's a journey for those who want to explore deeply and get the best understanding possible.
Rebecca Cherry
This course isn't for the faint-hearted—it will keep you on your toes. It's a rollercoaster of learning, an intense journey that feels like an intellectual boot camp. By the end, you'll emerge not only challenged but also immensely rewarded. The pace of the course combined with the practical components ensures you absorb a wealth of knowledge efficiently, making it a must for those ready to dive headfirst into a dynamic learning experience.
Petra Helesic
This isn't just a learning experience; it's a futuristic odyssey. The course's cutting-edge content and forward-thinking approach propelled me into the next frontier of knowledge. It constantly gave me glimpses into what lies ahead, preparing me for the challenges and opportunities of this profession. Enrolling in this course was the best thing I’ve done as it made me ready to explore the uncharted territories of evolving fields and emerging trends.
Daina Armstrong
This course was not what I expected (in a good way). The dynamic fusion of knowledge really swept me off my feet. The course structure keeps you engaged and eager for more. It's a thrilling ride through the diverse landscape of colon hydrotherapy, ensuring that every bit contributes to a deeper understanding. If you're seeking an educational journey that is both exhilarating and enriching, here is the perfect place to start.